Water Test Electrolyzer

Great practical significance for when the need to test water,you can clearly see the actual situation of everyday drinking water.

How to use:

1.Ready to test the water – take two capacity of 100 to 150 ml of white glass,take a  cup of water, RO machine pick another cup of water, and discharge on the table.
2. Ready to test – the electrolyzer flat on the glass, 220-volt power plug.
3. Test – the power button on the electrolysis
4. Press the ON (open) position, begin testing.
5. Typically the test time is 30 seconds. At the end, turn the power switch is pressed to the OFF (OFF) position, and finally remove the electrolyzer.

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Water Test Electrolyzer

Testing Analysis Results:
1. Yellow: dissolve Sanso, silicon compounds, organic minerals, molybdenum, silicon, fluoride, other organics
2. Green: arsenic (arsenic), mercury, lead, copper, sodium
3. Blue: bacteria, viruses, carcinogens, organic phosphorus (fertilizers, detergents and pesticides)
4.  Red: iron and rust, bacteria
5.  White: lead, zinc, mercury, inorganic dirt
6.  Black: heavy metals (zinc, lead, copper, chromium, manganese, cadmium)

Water quality standards to measure:
1. Does not contain any harmful substances and odors (especially heavy metals and organic compounds).
2. Softness and hardness of water, usually between 50-200mg / L (as calcium carbonate).
3. PH value between weakly alkaline (7.0-8.0).
4. Water and trace elements, and the proportion of moderate mineral content, similar to the normal liquid
5. Dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide content of moderate (dissolved oxygen ≥6-7mg / L).
6. Water stronger nutritional physiological functions (including dissolution, penetration, diffusion capacity, metabolic power, emulsifying power, clean power, etc.).

Security Warning:
When powered on, the hand can not touch the electrode.
Finger does not insert into the test water.
Do not let children play electrolyzer.
Finished, clean electrode with a dry cloth , and safekeeping.
The tester can not be used to evaluate the quality of mineral water, because when using the measurement of mineral water, mineral water and other contaminants may also be some chemical reactions in the water, will give users a miscarriage of justice.
Do not use a metal container to test.


  • Input: 220V


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