UV Disinfection Lamp

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EFFECTIVE DISINFECTION: The UV light wand can kill 99.9% of microorganisms by pure physical sterilization according to the approved laboratory research. It uses the wavelength of 270-280 nm irradiation, which can instantly destroy DNA and RNA of microorganisms so that they lose the ability to reproduce and survive.

EASY TO USE: Simply turn on the rotary switch and sweep the UV light sanitizer across the surface about 20 seconds, don’t use this UV light on people’s eyes and skin. 

Available Model:

1. 3w-Battery   (2.3000.15)
2. 5w-Battery   (2.3800.18)
3. 3w-USB        (2.3400.16)
4. 5w-USB        (2.4400.21)

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