Breath Alcohol Tester

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  • Compact, sleek and fashion design
  • UK design Fuel Cell Sensor Technology
  • Fantastic and clear screen is amazing user friendly
  • Advanced features available for convenient and simple use - User adjustable alarming level and unit, testing records memories
  • Police grade accuracy to ensure your drive safety, years of development and continuous improvement to make it stable and reliable

Product details:
- Product dimension: l×b×h: 146×57×32mm (5.75x2.24x1.26 inches)
- Sensor technology: Fuel cell sensor technology
- Sampling method: Advanced quantitative sampling method
- Detection Range: 0.000~0.40%B.A.C (2.000mg/l, 4.0‰B.A.C, 4.0g/l)
- Alarm level: 0.05%B.A.C. (could be modified)
- Resolution: 0.01mg/L
- Display: Color LCD screen
- Work conditions:
- Temperature: 10℃~40℃
- Humidity: <95%RH (No Dews)
- Storage conditions: 0℃~50℃ (0℃~122℉)
- Battery: 2×AA 1.5V LR6 batteries (exclude battery)
- Sensor life: 2 years
- Weight: 4.09 ounces
- Mouthpiece : Include 5PCS (individual package)
- Origin: China


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