Hypertension Laser Therapy

Diabetes and Hypertension

  • Color: White and blue.
  • Size: 108*68*18mm.
  • Laser emission wavelength: 650nm.
  • Laser output power: 5mw.
  • Laser operating voltage: 3.7-4.2V.
  • Laser medium: GaA/As semiconductor.
  • Input voltage of power: 100V-240V.
  • Fixed time range: 5-20mins for adjustment.
  • Environment temperature: 5°C-40°C.
  • Relative humidity: 80%.
  • Atmospheric pressure: 86kpa-106kpa.
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Laser Therapy- Diabetes & Hypertension

Green treatment laser physical therapy medical equipment for hypertension and diabetes.

Technical parameter:

  1. Color: White and blue.
  2. Size: 108*68*18mm.
  3. Laser emission wavelength: 650nm.
  4. Laser output power: 5mw.
  5. Laser operating voltage: 3.7-4.2V.
  6. Laser medium: GaA/As semiconductor.
  7. Input voltage of power: 100V-240V.
  8. Fixed time range: 5-20mins for adjustment.
  9. Environment temperature: 5°C-40°C.
  10. Relative humidity: 80%.
  11. Atmospheric pressure: 86kpa-106kpa.

Therapeutic principle:

The semiconductor laser therapy instrument is an important aspect in quantum medicine

The low-level laser can irradiate circulartion blood in vessles of mucosal tissue penetration mucosa in nasal cavity so that the photoelectic biological effect will generate.

Thus,the molecular structure of protein(Enzyme and other functional protein) in blood will change and the organism adopting the therapy will produce a series of biological effect, which include:

  • Change property of blood hemorheology,Lower whole blood viscosity,plasma viscosity, platelet aggregation capability and red cell aggregation capability and strength demormability of red cell to lower blood coagulability,suppress thrombogenesis and improve blood circulaton. Especially microcirculation.
  • Adjust body immune state(Including humoral immunity and cellular immunity) Improve disease resistance of organism and help the recovery of infectious diseases and diseases about allergia and autoimmunity.
  • Improve intoxication state of organism. Enhnce activity of super oxide dismutase(SOD, a kind of enzyme of scavenging free radical) in the organism. Lower the medium molescular substance(MMS) and reduce other stack. So that the organism is protected from the damage of free radical ,MMS and other toxicants.

Application range:

  • Treat and prevent blood viscosity.
  • Blood fat,sugar and pressure.
  • Prevent formation of the thrombus,sudden death,stroke ,cardiovascular and cerebrovascular.

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